Native Festivals in Peru

Fiesta de la Virgen de la Candelaria

Created on November 4, 2011

Uploaded by Darren Alff

Festival of the Virgin of Candelaria

This is a festival honoring the Virgin of Candelaria who is the patron saint of Puno, Peru, where this festival is held. It is one of the largest festivals of culture, music, and dancing in Peru and one of the largest festivals in South America. Puno is a lakeside city, and about 40,000 people congregate here for the week long festivities of dancing, music, drinking, food, and fun. This video gives you insight to all of that for a tourist, but unfortunately it is not in English.


The purpose of this video is to help people plan and prepare for their own tours of Peru by leading by example and sharing his own experiences.

Darren Alff is a bicyclist who started his company and website Bicycle Touring Pro since 2001. He has been travelling the world on his bike and teaches people through his own experience on how to create their own cultural touring adventures.

It is standard YouTube licensing and copyrighted to Bicycle Touring Pro

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The Pukllay Carnival-Promperu

Created on May 16, 2016

Uploaded by Alan Brian

The Pukllay Carnival

This video is about the Pukllay Carnival in Andahuayalas, Peru and is Quechua for “to play”. It shows the clothes, music, and dancing that is indigenous to the Quechua people. This national carnival video gives you some insight of what the festival would be like for tourists but it is not in English.

Purpose of this video was to be made for the Peru Export and Tourism Promotion board to promote the traditional Carnival of Pukllay.

Alan Brain is a filmmaker who has produced over 20 films on many different cultural topics.

This copyrighted 2016 All rights reserved to Promperu/Centurión Producciones

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