Touring the Globe:One Point of View at a Time

Northern Africa would be an amazing place to visit. There is so much ancient history there, especially in Egypt. The ancient artifacts, structures, and buildings would be great to look at and an insight into how they lived and how they live now. Northern Africa is also known to have French francophone, and since I took French in high school, I would like to practice my skills while also learning how living in a country with a French francophone culture differs from French culture and non-francophone countries. I think it would be interesting to visit because the culture is so different there. However, since some of the countries are colonized by European countries, I would love to learn their story of what European cultural diffusion means to them and how it has affected them or their family line.

In class we talked about  “the single story” that people adopt about certain groups or populations around the world. We watched a Ted Talk where Chimamanda talked about the stereotypes she was given in American because she was African. And how that single story is not an accurate representation of a people or a culture. There are single stories about Egyptians too. One is that they are a country of turmoil full of radical terrorizing middle easterners that want to raise havoc and chaos. Another single story is related to their ancestry, of them being around pyramids everyday, using hieroglyphics on a regular basis, and doing that funny Egyptian dance. These are stereotypes or single stories that are hurtful, not accurate at all, and should be thrown away in our minds.

Mexico is a place I toured before. We went to Puerto Vallarta and were able to take a bus up into the mountains to a small village. I was able to get a glimpse into another culture and how they lived. What surprised me the most, was how different it was from the environment I grew up in.

Mexico also has a single story. One is that it is an impoverished and dangerous drug ridden country with citizens people should be weary about. Another single story is that Mexico is a party country full of beaches, resorts, and crazy spring breaks.

East Asia is also a place that I am fascinated to explore. I went to an international high school and a majority of the international students were from Eastern Asia, specifically China. I became immersed in Chinese culture, however, at the time I was not able to appreciate it. I would love to go to China and experience their food, their funky sense of style, and how they live over there. I heard stories that made it sound so different and I would like to understand because they were able to blend very well to American society.

A single story about China is that their people are extremely smart and very good at math and science while also not being the best drivers. Another stereotype is that everyone from China agrees and believes in the Communist system they live in.